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My Unity Diary (1)

That desire of creating your own thing, whatever it is.
I registered for a game development course via Sparta Coding Club, which will guide me through a full cycle of a game from design to publishing.

When I am a player, I never thought about how the game works. All I care about is how I can clear the stage and get to the next one. Totally being a player in the world of the game that developers created.

Now that I look at a game from a developer’s perspective, I see myself as a director of a movie. Anything is possible in this world and I am a creator.

I decided to leave a trace of this journey. Looking forward to seeing how far I go.

Week 1

  • Install Unity — Resource
  • Arrange the Unity windows
  • Scene and Game Object (GO)
  • Prefab is a file extension and drawing of the GO — one can create numerous same GO using prefab
  • C# grammar
  • What is class? The script that can be used to create the objects
  • class nameOfTheClass : Monobehaviour — create the component which developer can attach to the GO/prefab
  • What is variable?- Assigned value/property whether it is dependent or independent
  • What is function? Output can be visible or invisible
  • If statement
  • Console window
  • Character movement — In 2D game x and y coordinate
  • Character and Camera Hierarchy

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